STREtek beech

"STREtek® is a game changer for us"

-Kitchen Designer, Oxford

STREtek Hex


220g Film Faced Reverse Hardwood Plywood/Smooth Film

STREtek poplar
STREtek® Poplar


Easy to machine and suitable for painting & lacquering

Looking for an alternative solution for birch plywood requirements?

Available in a range of sizes and exclusively distributed by Falcon Timber, STREtek® is the technical plywood solution. With it’s multi-lamination construction and long-grain, plug-free faces on both A and B quality, users can expect a high finish with a EN314-2 Class 3 glue line on most items.               

Falcon Timber has partnered with NBS to assist customers who can now specify our products from NBS Source.

STREtek® Features & Benefits:

STREtek Multiply - birch plywood alternative
"STREtek® is a gamechanger for us"
-kitchen designer
STREtek Multiply (the birch plywood alternative) Packaging in Falcon Timber Warehouse

Our teams are on hand and ready to answer your STREtek® questions. 

Why not visit your local Falcon Timber depot to see STREtek® for yourself, or request a sample today. 

We truly believe that our STREtek®  product could be the ideal alternative for a number of birch plywood applications.  

Falcon Timber have partnered with leading timber impregnation specialists HALT – Natural Fire Retardant Treatment – to bring a range of Fire Retardant Plywood products to the market. One of those products is STREtek®.

To find out more visit the STREtek® FR page.

An alternative option for birch plywood

With no off the shelf alternative solution presenting itself, the way forward was begging for a technical plywood to be created with similar characteristics to the birch plywood construction and this is how STREtek® was born. Speak to our team today and find out how STREtek® could be the solution for your birch plywood shortgages.

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