FR plywood is treated using chemicals that act as a physical barrier to fire and prevent the timber from oxidizing, making it hard to burn.

FR plywood will char when on fire but will not burn, significantly reducing the progress of a fire. FR plywood achieves reduced flammability by lowering the rate at which flames travel and subsequently slowing down combustion.

The chemicals used to treat FR plywood also reduce the rate at which heat is released from the product during a fire by altering the vapours released in the combustion process, making the flames less volatile.

FR plywood is treated to either Euroclass C or B using a high-pressure impregnation of the fire retardant solution followed by kiln drying to a specific moisture content. It is ideal for use in applications including film & TV sets, theatres and exhibitions.

Falcon offer two market leading ranges:


Burnblock is a non-toxic, water-based product that effectively blocks the supply of oxygen in the fire-threatened material. In this way Burnblock halts the burning process, just as it can counteract the ignition of treated plywood. Burnblock-treated plywood is approved to the highest classification according to the Euroclass system for building products, making it the perfect solution for most building projects.


WISA-SpruceFR is a fire-retardant plywood product for use in construction. The fire retardant treatment significantly improves fire resistance properties of the product without compromising the plywood panel’s excellent technical properties. WISA-SpruceFR works equally as well as the base product – WISA-Spruce – in all kind of construction, especially in structural uses and load bearing structures.

Burnblock sustainable fire retardant solutions

WISA-SpruceFR range


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