Looking for manufacturing solutions?

Alongside Falcon Timber, there are two additional companies which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Consolidated Timber Holdings; Triesse Ltd and Hoffman Thornwood.  The manufacturing division strengthens the broad product catalogue and service that we can offer our customers.


From quotation to delivery our sister companies pride themselves on rapid response times to support customer requirements and production deadlines. Not only do they manufacture high quality veneered, foiled and laminated boards that can be cut, edged and drilled, they also produce battened boards, CNC and tongue and groove all panel products. This creates flexibility to meet diverse customer needs.  


Hoffman Triesse have been operating for over 100 years and are one of the UK’s leading independent processors of wood-based panels and manufacturers of veneered and laminated boards.

There is availability in the production capacity and believe our Group can be a valuable partner in helping you meet your manufacturing needs.

Here’s how Hoffman Triesse can support you:

Alleviate Production Backlogs:  They can take on some of your workload, helping you meet deadlines and avoid production delays.

Enhanced Efficiency: On-hand expertise in wood-based panel processing and veneering/laminating can streamline your manufacturing process.

Quality & Consistency: The team prioritise high-quality materials and advanced machinery to ensure consistent results for your projects

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