Within the Consolidated Timber Holdings Group, Triesse and Hoffman Thornwood add value to standard panel products, through a combination of foiling, veneering and machining.

Triesse Ltd and Hoffman Thornwood Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of Consolidated Timber Holdings Ltd and form the manufacturing division of our business.

These manufacturing businesses have been strategically located to offer a truly nationwide service and are ideally located to both receive and deliver goods nationally and internationally. Triesse has two plants in the north of England, in Sherburn-in-Elmet, and the Hoffman Thornwood facility is based south in Rainham, Essex. Combined, this is the UK’s largest independent processors of wood-based panels and manufacturers of veneered and laminated boards.

Triesse and Hoffman Thornwood use these facilities to add value to standard panel products, through a combination of foiling, veneering and machining.

They operate in a diverse range of market sectors, including coffin manufacturers, the packing and transport sector, KBB, bed manufacturers, acoustic systems, garden buildings and the merchant sector. Some examples of their work include:

In the coffin sector, they supply cut to size chipboard bases, and veneered cut to size tops and sides

In the racking and packing sectors, they supply cut to size materials for shelving and protective top boards for pallets

In the kitchen and bath sector, they supply products such as cut to size veneered panels, machined bath and shower support panels and fully machined and foiled drawer fronts.

Whether customers require panels just sized or laminated, veneered, shaped, profiled, drilled, and edged, Triesse and Hoffman Thornwood offer a truly bespoke and tailored service.

From quotation to delivery, both businesses pride themselves on rapid response times to support customer requirements and production deadlines. Not only do they manufacture high quality veneered, foiled and laminated boards that can be cut, edged and drilled, but they also produce battened boards, CNC and tongue and groove all panel products, creating flexibility to meet customers diverse needs.

However, it is not just external customers that they work with. More recently, they have started working with their distribution colleagues to develop value added products to be sold via Falcon Timber.

An early example is STRELoft, a loft board which is cut to size and tongue and grooved. Speak to the team at Falcon Timber to find out how we can help you to successfully achieve your project goals.

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