Our popular STREply® range of high quality, reliable commercial plywood products appeals to a wide range of specialist end user and merchant customers.

STREply® is manufactured by the South House Woods Group in Eastern China and distributed exclusively in the UK by Falcon Timber.

STREply® plywood has no tropical timber content, using 100% temperate hardwood for core and face content, sourced responsibly from indigenous Chinese growers.

STREply® is independently audited to ensure compliance with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) on legal timber sourcing and is manufactured using an EN 314-2 Class 2 rated glue bond. Bond performance is regularly tested by UK accredited laboratories to ensure it meets the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.

STREply® is also tested for use in structural applications in 9mm and thicker sections as defined in EN 13986: 2004.

Our STREply Range


Our STREply® Premium range combines a 100% temperate hardwood throughout core with attractive light pink colour-fast Engineered Veneer (EV) faces. The single piece face veneer is thicker than previous tropical options, which results in an attractive and even surface, which is split-free.

STREply® Premium is available in all major thicknesses and is favoured by joinery and specialist end user customers who can cut and machine the product with confidence due to the high quality solid core construction. A reliable EN 314-2 Class 2 glue bond ensures it is suitable for almost all joinery applications.


Whilst all STREply® products comply fully with the regulatory requirements of EUTR, STREply® Prime FSC® offers the additional assurance of full Chain of Custody environmental certification.

STREply® Prime is a 100% FSC® panel, available in most thicknesses. Manufactured using lighter weight temperate hardwood throughout, and FSC® versions of the same attractive EV faces used in other STREply® products, STREply® Prime is the perfect choice for customers prioritising both value and environmental certification.


For customers requiring full Chain of Custody environmental certification alongside a higher density core we recommend our STREply® Premium FSC® range. Manufactured using 100% Chain of Custody certified temperate hardwood core sections and the attractive pink EV faces common to all the standard STREply® ranges, Premium FSC® is the perfect choice when environmental certification combined with a superior density core is specified.


To complement our main range, we also offer STREply® in larger 3050 x 1220 and 3050 x 1525 in most common thicknesses. STREply® Oversize offers the same high quality light pink EV faces as the standard size product. This allows our joinery and manufacturing customers to buy both standard and oversize STREply® products
with matching faces to suit their cut size machine requirements. As well as matching the face veneer, they can also rely on the solid
core construction common to both ranges.


All our phenol faced STREply® products are manufactured using 100% Eucalyptus temperate hardwood Chain of Custody FSC® core veneers, reflecting the demanding nature of many of the products potential applications.

STREply® Hexagon pattern one side/smooth reverse plywood is designed for a range of applications including recreational facilities, van & trailer floors, scaffolding, loading platforms, stages and stands.

STREply® Hexagon is available in 9, 12 & 18mm in black finish, 2440 x 1220. 

STREply Product Specfication

Bond Class: EN 314-2, Class 2
Emission Standard EN 717-2 E1 Release of Formaldehyde
Plywood Specifications: EN 636: 2003, Class 2
Production Tolerances: to BS EN 315

MINI PACKS - 1220 x 610MM

Falcon Timber are pleased to offer a great solution for customers wishing to stock pre-cut panels in small quantities. Our mini-pack ranged cover plywood, MDF and hardboard, all available in convenient small pack formats. Available now for delivery from Falcon Timber depots nationwide.

Streply® machined for the Great Fire of London memorial project
Streply® machined for the Great Fire of London memorial project
Streply® Hexagon Grey vehicle flooring
the modern cloth shop interior photo
Commercial vehicle fit-out


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