The TriSound Acoustic Door Core is supplied as 3-ply core material with cork outer layers sized at a nominal 2000mm x 800mm. It requires making up into a door blank by adding timber perimeter and Chipboard or MDF substrates.

Once complete, the door blank can then be trimmed, lipped and faced to make a door.

TriSound has been tested rigorously for both fire and acoustic performance, achieving both 30 minute (S3K variant) and 60 minute (S3D variant) when tested to BS 476: part 22: 1987. Acoustically, performances of up to Rw44dB sound attenuation have been achieved when tested to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997. Cold Smoke seal requirement to BS 476: part 31.1: 1983 comes as standard with every seal combination.

TriSound is now also available as unlipped blanks. Standard leaf size (926x2040x54) available ex-stock with special sizes available on a 3-4 week lead time.


  • Acoustically tested up to Rw44dB
  • Suitable for FD60, FD30 & NFR internal applications
  • Tested scope includes for glazed apertures and double door assemblies
  • Can be manufactured to incorporate various door designs and configurations
  • Lightweight (approximately 550Kg/m3)
  • Stable construction – Extruded core
  • Durable fixing with up to 85mm timber perimeter on all sides
  • Flexible and will not distort in storage or production
  • Standard seal configurations
  • Practical, traditional manufacture methods – easy to turn into a beautiful performance door/doorset

TriSound 3-ply core material


Extruded cores nominal 2000x800x44 (finishes at 54 or 57mm when finished blank)

UK stocked unlipped blanks 926x2040x54

Bespoke blanks available on request

TriSound Door Core construction


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