Manufactured using moisture resistant (P5) particleboard with an interlocking tongue and groove profile – Caberfloor, Caberdek and Cabershield provide a wide range of flooring solutions offering durability, on-site safety and weather protection.


The moisture resistant grade (P5) is the most commonly specified flooring in the UK. It is used extensively in new house builds and refurbishment projects. Durability is achieved by using advanced moisture resistant resins. In 22mm thickness Caberfloor P5 is also suitable for certain commercial flooring applications.


When additional protection is required against the elements Caberdek is the ideal solution. Caberdek incorporates a waterproof, slip-resistant film adhered to 18/22mm Caberfloor P5. After construction simply peel off the film to reveal a perfectly clean floor. Caberdek is BBA approved and should be considered within the Construction Design and Management regulations 1994 and NHBC standards.

Our high quality Caberfix fixing kits are designed for use with Caberdek and include fixing tape that ensures waterproof integrity and Joint & Joist adhesive that eliminates squeaky floors. The fixing kits are ideal for I-Joist flooring systems.


A tough P5 flooring product designed for the unpredictable British weather.

Key features:

  • A surface designed for the unpredictable British weather
  • BBA approved for 42 days exposure to the weather when used with CaberFix D4 adhesive
  • Non-slip on top for a safe working platform during construction phase of the build
  • Easy to slide into place with a smooth underside
  • Ideal for flooring application before the roof is in place
  • Colour coded to make it easy to identify the top surface
  • Tongue and Groove profile available in 18mm and 22mm
  • Available in 2400 x 600mm sheets (laid size)
  • Use CaberBoard flooring with the fixings range for complete BBA approval – a floor guaranteed to last



With a commitment to continuous improvement and new product development the Norbord flooring solutions offer a range of BBA approved systems to meet a variety of preferred fixing methods.

All the systems incorporate the leading brand of peel clean flooring, Caberdek with its waterproof, slip-resistant film adhered to moisture resistance Caberfloor P5 and Caberfix sealing and adhesive solutions.

As well as providing extra protection against the elements, Caberdek provides a safe working platform and should be considered by specifiers within the Construction and Design and Management regulations 1994 and NHBC standards.

The Caberfix Floor Fixing Range is a fully approved BBA system that is guaranteed for 42 days of exposure on site when used with 22mm Caberdek and installed to manufacturers instructions.

The range offers exceptional value and choice that saves time and money as well as simplifying life on site.


The faster way to seal and fix Caberdek flooring. Saving time and money with just 5 fixings per board, it can save up to 30 minutes on an average 50m2 floor – and that’s without the saving made on clean up costs at the end of the build.

Using a powerful PVA D3 glue for fixing the T&G joints, a fast setting PU elastomeric adhesive for providing a structural ‘no creak’ bond between the boards and joists plus a 100% waterproof polyethylene coated cloth tape for sealing the joint, nail runs and the perimeter, this system is the all-round solution.


The latest innovation in tape-less floor sealing. This system offers the fastest, most efficient way to seal and fix Caberdek. Fewer fixings and less taping can mean time savings of up to 90 minutes per 100m2 floor.

The system comprises of a single glue to fix both the T&G joint and the flooring to the joist and Caberfix Tape: fast setting, all weather use, PU elastomeric Caberfix Joint & Joist plus the 100% waterproof polyethylene coated cloth tape for perimeter sealing.


The traditional way to seal and fix Caberdek flooring. A flooring system that offers great value for money.

Comprising of two parts, Caberfix T&G glue and Caberfix Tape, this system is simple and effective. The Caberfix T&G adhesive is a powerful, fast setting PVA manufactured to D3 standards. It has a high ‘solids’ content that achieves the right balance of being easy to work with yet gives an excellent structural result. The tape is 100% waterproof polyethylene coated cloth tape – easy to tear but very robust

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