Part of Falcon Timber’s extensive range of versatile, modern construction products.

I Joists are lightweight structural joists available in longer lengths and deeper depths than traditional timber joists. Machine made for precise, straight lines that stay straighter than solid timber, I Joists are more uniform in strength, stiffness and size and so less likely to split, shrink, twist, warp or bow.

We stock I Joists manufactured by Steico, Europe’s leading manufacturer of I Joists. Produced using high quality LVL flanges and natural fibreboard web, Steico joists fulfil the demands from house builders for greater clear spans and better dimensional stability while not increasing the size of the joist cross section.

Up to 50% lighter than solid timber, site handling is easier and thus erection times are significantly reduced making extensive savings in site labour costs.

 SeriesLength (m)Cores Per Pack
45×220Steico SJ4512.043
45×240Steico SJ4512.043
45×300Steico SJ4512.043
60×240Steico SJ6012.033
60×300Steico SJ6012.033
90×240Steico SJ9012.023
90×300Steico SJ9012.023
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